What is evening attire for men

Do you wonder what is evening attire for men? You probably got an invitation for a wedding that says an evening dress code. Don't worry. We provide all the information you need on what to wear to a evening attire wedding. Check out our best fashion tips and pictures of wedding guest attire.You will find out that dressing in evening attire is easy. You just have to follow the rules. Just apply these tips and you will look great on your upcoming wedding.

Evening dress code

Check ook black tie.

Evening attire is a dress code that’s suitable for formal events like weddings

Dress codes that are seen as appropriate for the evening are black tie and white tie. White tie is a dress code that is only worn to ultra formal events or when it is indicated in the invitation. For most evening events black tie is the required attire.

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  • Wear a black suit or tuxedo, officially these suits are made of wool. The tuxedo should be a two piece black suit. Sometimes midnight blue is also worn. The suit should have a one button placket and the front and back are supposed to be at the same length with silk or satin lapels.
  • As the name indicates: wear a matching black tie.
  • Optional you can wear a tuxedo vest or cumberbund. The tuxedo vest is currently the most worn but for very formal black tie events a cumberbund might be a better option.
  • Wear a white ‘tuxedo’ shirt with a regular collar. A double cuff / manchet and a blind plug is required. The front of the shirt is officially pleated and the collar should be a foldover or winged standing. 
  • For a black tie tuxedo the trousers should have satin pipings (gallons) with seams on both sides of the trousers.
  • Combine your suit with black leather court shoes (pumps). Wear your shoes with long black socks made of silk or fine wool.
  • Wearing a watch is seen as inappropriate for a black or white tie dress code.
  • Also leave all other accessories at home (except for your wedding ring off course).

Pictures of wedding guest attire

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